Who are the top 10 professional gamblers who became millionaires?

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While there is no definitive list of the top 10 professional gamblers who became millionaires, here are a few notable individuals who achieved significant success in their gambling careers:

1. Billy Walters – A well-known sports bettor who made millions by exploiting inefficiencies in sports betting and earning a reputation as one of the most successful gamblers in history.

2. Edward E. Thorp – A mathematician and hedge fund manager who applied his knowledge of probability theory to develop card counting strategies for blackjack, leading to massive earnings.

3. Phil Ivey – A highly skilled professional poker player regarded as one of the best in the world, with numerous major tournament wins and high-stakes cash game successes.

4. Doyle Brunson – A legendary professional poker player who accumulated substantial wealth through his achievements in high-stakes cash games and tournament victories.

5. Chris Ferguson – Known as “Jesus” in the poker world, Ferguson is a highly accomplished player recognized for his multiple World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelets and his success in online poker, which contributed to his millionaire status.

6. Amarillo Slim – An iconic figure in poker, Slim won the WSOP Main Event in 1972 and became a millionaire through his poker exploits and proposition bets.

7. Dan Bilzerian – While primarily known for his extravagant lifestyle, Bilzerian gained fame as a high-stakes poker player, earning significant amounts of money through tournaments and cash games.

8. Erick Lindgren – A professional poker player who achieved substantial success in various poker competitions, including winning two WSOP bracelets, contributing to his millionaire status.

9. Johnny Chan – A highly accomplished professional poker player who won back-to-back WSOP Main Events in 1987 and 1988 and accumulated significant earnings through his poker career.

10. Stu Ungar – A poker prodigy who won three WSOP Main Events and achieved immense success in high-stakes cash games, eventually amassing a fortune before tragically succumbing to a drug addiction.

It is important to note that professional gambling involves risk, and success stories like these represent a small fraction of individuals in the gambling industry.

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