Which are the top 10 casinos with the most social media followers?

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As of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, here are the top 10 casinos with the most social media followers:

1. MGM Grand Las Vegas – Facebook: 3.1 million followers, Instagram: 1.4 million followers, Twitter: 1.1 million followers
2. Bellagio Hotel and Casino – Facebook: 1.3 million followers, Instagram: 994k followers, Twitter: 485k followers
3. The Venetian Resort Las Vegas – Facebook: 1.2 million followers, Instagram: 983k followers, Twitter: 156k followers
4. Caesars Palace – Facebook: 1 million followers, Instagram: 1 million followers, Twitter: 520k followers
5. Wynn Las Vegas – Facebook: 953k followers, Instagram: 609k followers, Twitter: 252k followers
6. The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas – Facebook: 923k followers, Instagram: 762k followers, Twitter: 216k followers
7. ARIA Resort & Casino – Facebook: 804k followers, Instagram: 651k followers, Twitter: 295k followers
8. Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino – Facebook: 770k followers, Instagram: 678k followers, Twitter: 200k followers
9. Harrah’s Las Vegas – Facebook: 524k followers, Instagram: 226k followers, Twitter: 135k followers
10. The Palazzo Resort Hotel Casino – Facebook: 454k followers, Instagram: 355k followers, Twitter: 61.6k followers

Please note that these figures may fluctuate as social media follower counts change over time.

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