What are the top 10 weirdest casino promotions ever made?

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1. Naked Olympics: In 2011, a London casino offered free entry for naked patrons during the Olympics, claiming it was a “striptease challenge.”

2. “Divorce Party” Giveaway: A casino in Las Vegas offered a divorce-themed promotion, giving away free wedding packages, hotel stays, and divorce advice to couples seeking to separate.

3. “Death by Chocolate” Challenge: One casino created a promotion where players had to consume an enormous amount of chocolate within a limited time frame to win cash prizes. It resulted in multiple players feeling ill.

4. “Dress Like a Monk” Day: A casino in Macau encouraged visitors to dress as monks for a day, with the chance to win bonuses, claiming it was a way to find inner peace while gambling.

5. Clown Night: A casino in Nevada organized a clown-themed evening, where customers dressed up as clowns and participated in various games and competitions for prizes.

6. Vertical Leap Challenge: A casino devised a promotion where participants had to jump as high as possible to hit a specific mark on a wall, with cash prizes awarded based on their leap height.

7. “Name Your Baby After Us” Contest: A casino hosted a promotion where couples had the chance to win $10,000 by naming their newborn baby after the establishment. The winner ended up having to change their child’s name legally.

8. “Extreme Tooth Pull”: A casino in California held a bizarre event where contestants competed to see who could pull their teeth out using unconventional methods, such as tying them to objects and pulling them out.

9. “Alien Abduction” Experience: A casino in Nevada offered guests the opportunity to simulate an alien abduction experience, complete with actors and special effects, as part of their promotional campaign.

10. “You Stink, You Win”: One casino introduced a promotion where patrons who emitted the worst body odor based on a sniff test won free meals or cash rewards, leading to some unusual encounters and complaints.

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