What are the top 10 rarest and most valuable casino chips?

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The rarity and value of casino chips can vary depending on various factors such as age, condition, and limited editions. However, based on general knowledge and collecting trends, here is a list of ten rare and valuable casino chips:

1. Flamingo Hotel and Casino $25 (Las Vegas, Nevada): One of the earliest and most iconic casino chips, dating back to 1945.
2. Horseshoe Casino $25,000 (Las Vegas, Nevada): A legendary chip designed by Benny Binion in 1970, extremely rare and sought after.
3. Dunes Hotel and Casino $5 (Las Vegas, Nevada): A vintage chip from the 1950s-1980s, known for its distinctive design.
4. Stardust Hotel and Casino $500 (Las Vegas, Nevada): A historical chip from the famous Stardust casino, which operated from 1958 to 2006.
5. Desert Inn $100 (Las Vegas, Nevada): Another classic chip from the 1950s-2000s, highly collectible due to the casino’s closure in 2000.
6. Showboat Casino $1,000 (Atlantic City, New Jersey): A limited edition chip released in 1987 and highly valued by collectors.
7. Sands Casino $25,000 (Las Vegas, Nevada): A rare and valuable chip from the famous Sands casino, which operated from 1952 to 1996.
8. Binion’s Horseshoe $25,000 (Las Vegas, Nevada): Another variant of the iconic Horseshoe chips, highly prized by collectors.
9. MGM Grand $25,000 (Las Vegas, Nevada): One of the highest denomination chips ever produced, sought after by collectors and gamblers alike.
10. Casino de Isthmus City $100,000 (Puerto Rico): A limited edition chip designed by Paulson, known for its striking appearance and rarity.

Please note that the values mentioned here are based on historical auction data and collector demand, and they can fluctuate over time. Additionally, there may be other rare and valuable casino chips that are not included in this list.

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