What are the top 10 bizarre superstitions in the gambling world?

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1. The “hot hand” myth: Many gamblers believe that if they are on a winning streak, they will continue to win. This belief is known as “the hot hand” fallacy and has been debunked by statistics.

2. The color red: In many Asian cultures, red is considered a lucky color, and it is often associated with good fortune and prosperity. As a result, gamblers may wear red clothing or bet on red-themed games.

3. Avoiding the number 13: Similar to the general superstition, the number 13 is often avoided in the gambling world as it is considered unlucky. Some casinos even skip the 13th floor or exclude the number from roulette wheels.

4. Lucky charms: Many gamblers carry lucky charms or items they believe bring them good luck. These can include rabbit’s feet, four-leaf clovers, or specific trinkets with personal significance.

5. Blowing on the dice: It is a common superstition in craps to blow on the dice before throwing them, as gamblers believe it will bring them good luck and improve their chances of winning.

6. Crossed fingers: Some gamblers believe that crossing their fingers while playing will bring them luck and improve their odds of winning. It is believed to ward off bad luck.

7. Never count your money at the table: Gamblers are superstitious about counting their winnings while still playing as they believe it will “jinx” their luck and potentially cause them to lose.

8. Wearing dirty clothes: Some gamblers believe that wearing unwashed clothes or underwear brings them good luck in gambling. It is thought that accumulated luck from previous wins is somehow retained in the unwashed fabric.

9. Using specific entrance doors: Some gamblers always use a particular entrance to casinos or gambling establishments, as they believe it brings good luck. This superstition may be rooted in past wins or simply personal rituals.

10. The “unlucky” $50 bill: In some cultures, such as Chinese or Korean, the number 4 sounds similar to the word for “death.” Therefore, the $50 bill (where the number 4 is often prominent) is considered unlucky and is avoided by many gamblers.

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