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What is the gameplay of Sabong?

Gameplay. In the game of sabong, two owners place their gamecock in the ring or cockpit. Bets are placed while the cocks fight each other to their deaths. In the Philippines, two types of knife or gaffe are used. Single-edged blades are used in major derbies; double-edged blades can also be used depending on the agreement between owners.

How much money did PAGCOR make from E-Sabong licensees last year?

Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR) Chairperson Andrea Domingo said they tallied P3.69 billion in total income from eight e-Sabong licensees from April to December last year. She added that they had collected P1.37 billion from the operations of seven licensees from January to March 15, 2022, alone.

Will Duterte suspend e-Sabong?

President Duterte is not keen on suspending the operations of e-Sabong (electronic or online cockfighting) as the government is getting billions of pesos from its operations. Duterte made the statement amid calls to suspend the gambling activity following the disappearances of 34 individuals involved in e-Sabong based on Senate data.

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